If you’re inspired by our recent SMS blog posts to move your marketing strategy to text message, you might wonder where to start. With so many fun, exciting and powerful ways to implement SMS messages into your marketing, knowing where to begin can be tricky. Fear not. We’ve narrowed down the top six SMS marketing ideas for kick-starting SMS in your business.

So, whether you’re popping your SMS campaign cherry or just looking for some ideas to freshen up your text message content, here are great ideas to get going with. 

1. SMS offers

SMS-specific offers are an easy and successful way to begin your SMS marketing campaigns. Delivering deals and discounts to the palms of your customers’ hands attracts them to your business while giving you an opportunity to up-sell and cross-sell products and services. 

To really boost the success of SMS offers, we recommend segmenting your audience using SMS shortcodes to send relevant and tailored deals. 

“Autumn is here and we’re ready to celebrate. Show this message to receive a free pumpkin spice latte 🎃 with any muffin purchase.”

2. SMS competitions

If you’re looking for a way to start using SMS while building up your contact list, then look no further than SMS competitions and giveaways. Customers are very willing to exchange their contact information for the chance to win a cuddly toy and you can use this information in future text message campaigns. 

We recommend using keywords via an SMS platform to make both entering and finding the winner quick and easy. 

“Want to win a year’s supply of gum? Yeah you do! Text PERFECTION to 12345 👌”

3. SMS events

A big sale, an exciting new product launch, or a website redesign are all great excuses to start messaging your contact list. Events and news give you something to talk about and share with your customers on the most-read platform out there. 

If you want to go super advanced, you can even use SMS for event registration and ticket confirmation. 

“🦖Our palaeontology meet and greet is taking place at the museum this Friday at 4 pm. Secure tickets by replying with ROAR!”

4. SMS tips

If you’re not comfortable going straight in with discounts, events and competitions, then information text messages are perfect for you. Providing customers with helpful tips and useful advice, informative SMSs allow you to create a relationship with your customers before asking them for money. 

To target a large population, we suggest sending bulk SMS to save time and money. 

“Make your spray tan last longer by applying lotion every day and patting (not rubbing) your skin dry 🧖‍♀️” 

5. SMS engagement

We’re not talking about wedding proposals here (although that would be a great good-news story). We’re talking about engaging in two-way communication with your customers to make them feel valued, while you gain essential insights.

You can achieve engagement through SMS by running SMS surveys and opinion polls. Just don’t forget to communicate the results either through text or social media. 

“🍕 What’s your favourite dish off of our new menu? 1 = meatball sub, 2 = NY pizza, 3 = English trifle?”

6. SMS re-marketing

A final really easy SMS marketing idea is re-marketing your existing material. By this, we mean texting your customers about what’s happening in-store, on your website or on social media. With SMS messages being opened within three minutes 90% of the time, this is a great way to highlight content on other platforms that may otherwise go un-missed. 

To really encourage customers to click through, use personalised SMS to make your messages sound like a sincere recommendation. 

“Rachel - did you hear about our 20% off Ralph Lauren sale? Head over quick before you miss out: website.com”

SMS marketing ideas - final tip

Deciding on your first SMS marketing campaign is one thing - getting it right is another. Be sure to check out our SMS checklist to perfect your first campaign and then head back here to start thinking about your second.