The importance of personalisation and how to use it in SMS campaigns

Hey ::Name::. If we could insert your name into this blog we would because personalisation is king. 84% of customers say personalisation is crucial for winning their business, 80% will repeat purchases following a personalised experience, and 49% will buy something they didn’t intend following a personalised interaction. And this week, we’re here to show you how easy it is, with our guide to personalised SMS. 

Why personalised SMS is important

With a 90% open rate in just three minutes, SMS is a powerful communication tool. And it gets even better. Personalised SMS enables you to transform your marketing efforts and return by:

Boosting open rates

When you call someone’s name - they look. SMS is no different. Opening a text message with someone’s name immediately grabs attention, screams importance and encourages people to open.

Engaging audiences

Once opened, personalisation helps your text message engage your audience. Tailored content makes your reader feel special by showing them that you listen, you care and that you’re thinking of them. 

Standing out

Personalised SMS also makes you stand out from the crowd by sounding human and having a conversation. This is especially important when sending bulk SMS campaigns or marketing blasts. 

Being helpful

People like brands that are friendly and helpful - personalisation achieve this. You can use personalisation to nudge, remind, recommend or advise - perfect for building that long-term client relationship and accelerating your SMS customer service

But, where do you start?

Examples of personalised SMS

The first place to start with personalised SMS is the first name (we’re talking to you Sarah) But, it doesn’t stop there. You can inject personalised content into your text messages in a variety of ways - here are some of our favourites:

Appointment information

Appointment reminder text messages are a tremendous tool for boosting your capacity, decreasing no-shows and building customer relationships. They’re also a perfect opportunity to use personalised information such as dates, times and names. 

Hi Lene, your appointment with Dr Jones is tomorrow at 10 am. Can’t make it? Give us a quick call on 01234 567891 to rearrange. 

Helpful information

Personalised SMS messages can be used to provide useful information that prompts your audience to book an appointment, give you a call or just thank you for reminding them. 

Hello Jenson, the MOT for your Honda NSX-GT is due on 12 September 2019. Reply to this message to book yourself in 🏎️….

Discount codes

The ROI of SMS marketing is significantly boosted by tailoring offers and discounts to your audience. You can even use SMS shortcodes and keywords to help segment your audience by interest, purchase or intent. 

Kim - we’ve added some new products to our lycra range! Check them out with this sneaky 20 % off code: KARD20 😉

Don’t know about SMS shortcodes yet? Check out our ultimate guide to SMS shortcodes and get up to speed. 

Welcome messages

Hotels, campsites and AirBnB stays can also jump in on the personalised SMS bandwagon. Send tailored check-in information to your guests to make their stay start before they’ve even arrived. 

Mr & Mrs Fawlty - we can’t wait to see you later today. Manuel is fluffing your pillows ready for a 2 pm check-in. This week is forecast sunshine. Safe travels. 

Feel good personalisation

Birthdays, celebrations, loved ones - anywhere you can inject feel-good personal information into your text messages will be happily received. You just need to get creative. 

 🎂🎉Happy birthday Hugo! We hope he has the bestest of days and the biggest of bones. Love from Bubbles Dog Grooming 🐶

How to use personalised SMS

The best part about personalising your SMS messages? It’s really easy. Forget trawling through years of customer data and composing individual SMS messages on your iPhone. An SMS messaging service (like Power2) powers you to quickly personalise your SMS messages, even when sending in bulk. How?

- Upload personal information alongside customer telephone numbers, via CSV;

- Use keywords and shortcodes to segment your audience further;

- Create your SMS message using custom fields to insert personal information (i.e. ::Name:: will insert the first name); and

- Click send. 

Personalised SMS - key takeaways

We think personalised SMS is a no-brainer when sending SMS messages to your customers. They engage, convert, build relationships and give your brand a human personality. Plus, they’re really easy to create. Start personalising yours today with Power2.