When is Black Friday?

This years Black Friday event starts on November 23rd, a Friday of course, although most retailers have promotions running for well over a week and some for a whole month.

What exactly is Black Friday?

Black Friday is one of the largest shopping events of the entire year. Black Friday started in America to mark the end of Thanksgiving however over recent years it has made its way across the globe and proving very successful here In the UK.

Many retailers such as Argos, John Lewis and Currys Pc World will save some of their biggest deals for Black Friday, sometimes offering over £1000’s of savings on high ticket items

How can SMS help drive sales?

Well simply put, most of your customers will have a mobile phone, which will usually be with them 24/7. Pushing a well timed and relevant message directly to their handset will help boost your Black Friday Sales.

Making sure to personalise your message will help make the message seem more tailored to the recipient and help with engagement and up take of your campaign. Remembering to keep message short and straight to the point can be difficult especially when you need to include a direct link to the sale item, adding an automated Google url shorter will help you fit your message in to 160 characters and provide valuable tracking information.

Let us help!

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